Ohmboyz Drip City 60ml 3mg


Smurs Squirt: A delectable blueberry/acai Balkan Yogurt.  If you haven't tried this you are missing out.  It's unlike any yogurt vape we have ever had on the shelves, one of the best yogurt mixes out there.

Apple Pleased: A delicious caramelized Green Apple lightly drizzled in warm spiced butter.  This one will blow your taste buds out of the stratosphere.

MooMooni:  Smashed ripe strawberries and marshmallow ice cream with Greek yogurt.  This is one of those flavors that will leave you wondering if its one of the best breakfast or dessert vapes you have ever tasted. Extremely addictive dynamite!


NOTE: These juices are stocked in 3mg straight from the supplier.  If you choose a higher nic option we will add more in-store before shipping, this will break your tamper proof seal!



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